Upholstered Bed Styles: The Different Types of Upholstered Bed Frames to Choose From

different types of upholstered beds styles

Your bed is the cornerstone of good sleep quality and the bedroom aesthetic. But of all the different types of bespoke beds you can invest in for your sleep sanctuary, upholstered beds offer a blend of luxury and comfort that sets them apart. 

With a range of upholstered bed styles from the space-saving Ottoman to the regal Wingback, there’s a design to fit every taste and need, too. But how do you decide which of the different types of upholstered bed frames is right for you? You’ve come to the right place. 

We’ll unpack all the different styles you have at your disposal, helping you understand the nuances of each and how they can complement your space. You’ll feel confident choosing the right style alongside sizing, fabric choices, and additional features to consider. 

No matter which style you end up choosing, though, you can rest assured the perfect upholstered bed is a few clicks away within the diverse collection at Alaina Interior. Explore our collection and see which one catches your eye!

What is an Upholstered Bed?

Before we get into the different upholstered bed styles, let’s talk about what exactly this bed frame is. This is a distinctive furniture piece where the headboard, and often the footboard and rails, are padded and covered with fabric, providing a soft, inviting look and feel. 

This type of bed frame offers not only a supportive foundation for your mattress but also serves as a key element in your room’s overall design and comfort.

The upholstery on these beds contributes to the bed’s tactile and visual warmth. Materials range from plush velvets to durable linens, with detailing such as tufting, stitching, and nailhead trim that can add character and sophistication. 

The choice of fabric and design details allows for a high level of customisation, ensuring that each bed can be tailored to the individual style and comfort preferences of the owner.

Upholstered beds are designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. They often incorporate additional features such as padded headboards for comfort during reading or watching TV in bed, and some models offer innovative storage solutions to maximise space efficiency.

In essence, an upholstered bed is a fusion of design, comfort, and practicality, making it a popular choice for those looking to elevate their bedroom without compromising on quality or functionality.

But with so many different types of upholstered bed frames to choose from, how can you confidently select the right one? We’ll guide you through the most common styles below!

The Different Types of Upholstered Bed Frames to Choose From

Investing in a new bed is a big decision – one you should not take lightly, as it influences not just the ambiance in your bedroom but also your sleep quality.

However, you can shop with peace of mind knowing you’re getting the perfect style at Alaina Interior regardless of which upholstered bed style you choose. 

That being said, let’s get into the 7 most common types of upholstered bed frames, starting with the most popular storage bed style – ottoman beds.

Ottoman Beds

An Ottoman bed is the epitome of functionality, offering an ingenious solution for storage woes. The bed frame is designed with a lifting base, which reveals a spacious compartment beneath the mattress. This hidden area is perfect for storing bedding, clothing, or any other items, keeping your bedroom clutter-free. 

Ottoman beds can be lifted with the help of hydraulic springs, making access effortless. Their sleek design does not compromise on style, and they are available in a variety of finishes from leather to soft fabric, catering to diverse tastes.

Ideal for smaller spaces or minimalist enthusiasts, Ottoman beds are a smart choice for anyone looking to maximise their bedroom’s potential. You can take this bed’s capabilities a step further with ottoman bed storage boxes, too!

Divan Beds

Divan beds with storage are known for their solid construction and are often revered for their durability. The base usually consists of a wooden frame covered in fabric, which might also include built-in drawers for additional storage. 

These beds are typically set on castors or gliders, making them easy to move. The simplicity of the divan’s design allows for a high degree of customisation with various headboard styles that can be attached to suit your preference. 

Divan beds are a versatile option, working well in both contemporary and traditional settings, and their understated form allows the chosen upholstery to take center stage.

Sleigh Beds

The sleigh bed is a statement piece characterised by a distinctive curved headboard and footboard, reminiscent of a classic sleigh. These beds bring a touch of grandeur to any bedroom with their elegant lines and often rich, detailed wood finishes or luxurious fabrics. 

Sleigh beds can range from the ornate with intricate carvings to the more modern, streamlined versions. They are typically larger and require more space than other bed types, making them a grand centerpiece for spacious bedrooms. 

The sleigh bed’s unique silhouette is a nod to traditional craftsmanship and design, offering a timeless look that transcends trends. These upholstered bed styles originated in the Roman era and are still here today!

Wingback Beds

Perhaps one of our favourite types of upholstered bedframes, the wingback bed features a high headboard with winged sides, providing a cozy, sheltered feel. The wings add architectural interest and a sense of grandeur, making the bed a focal point of the bedroom. 

Often adorned with button tufting or nailhead trim, wingback beds exude luxury and comfort. They are particularly popular in plush fabrics like velvet, which enhance the bed’s opulent appearance. 

Suitable for those who enjoy reading or breakfast in bed, the wingback design offers additional support and a comfortable backrest. These beds can be dressed up or down depending on the chosen fabric and details, making them adaptable to various interior styles from classic to contemporary.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds stand out with their tall bed posts and overhead frame, which can be draped with luxurious fabrics for a romantic and enclosed feel. These beds have a regal presence that can instantly elevate the sophistication of a bedroom. 

Modern canopy beds often incorporate clean lines and a minimalist approach, while traditional styles showcase intricate details and ornate designs. The canopy itself offers a unique opportunity for personalsation – leave it bare for a sleek look, or add curtains for privacy and drama. 

Ideal for those who wish to create an enchanting bedroom retreat, canopy beds are as versatile as they are striking.

Platform Beds

Last but not least on our list of upholstered bed styles, platform beds are designed with a low profile, eliminating the need for a box spring and creating a streamlined, contemporary look. They often feature a flat or slatted base that supports the mattress and can include built-in nightstands or under-bed storage options. 

The clean lines and uncluttered design of platform beds make them well-suited for modern or minimalist decor schemes. These beds can be found in a range of materials, including wood and metal, and upholstered options provide additional comfort and aesthetic appeal. 

Platform beds cater to those who appreciate a sleek, modern bedroom with a focus on simplicity and functionality. 

Which of These Upholstered Bed Styles is Right For You?

There you have it – all the different types of upholstered bed frames. Each of these brings something unique to the table – but which is right for you?

Choosing the right upholstered bed style hinges on your personal taste, lifestyle, and the specific needs of your space. Consider the following to help you make the best decision:

  • Space and Layout: Measure your room to ensure the bed fits comfortably, and think about storage needs. Ottoman and divan beds are great for smaller spaces or where extra storage is required.
  • Design Preference: Sleigh and canopy beds offer a classic, dramatic flair, while platform and wingback beds can lend a more modern or transitional look.
  • Functionality: If you enjoy reading or watching TV in bed, wingback or high headboard beds offer the best support.
  • Aesthetic: The bed should complement the existing decor and colour scheme of your bedroom. Consider the impact of a statement piece versus a more understated option.

Reflect on these aspects, and you’ll be well-equipped to select an upholstered bed that not only meets but exceeds your standards. Let’s offer a bit more advice on choosing the right bed below before wrapping up this guide to upholstered bed styles.

More Tips on Choosing Your Bed

Beyond choosing the right type of upholstered bed, there are a few other factors to keep in mind as you invest in a better bed. 

Sizing: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Space

Start by measuring the room, taking care to account for additional space needed for walking around the bed and any other furniture you have or plan to add. 

Consider the scale of the bed in relation to the room size – a king-size bed may be luxurious, but it can overwhelm a small room. If you don’t need a king-size bed, don’t get one just for the sake of having the biggest bed possible. Conversely, a too-small bed in a large room may look out of place. 

Also, think about the mattress size you currently own or intend to buy – this will directly influence the bed frame size you need. Speaking of which, you can find a cheap mattress or pillow top mattress at Alaina Interior to complement your new bed.

Remember, the goal is balance: your bed should serve as a comfortable haven and an integral part of the room’s layout. 

Fabric Colours: Coordinating with Your Bedroom Palette

The colour of your upholstered bed’s fabric can significantly influence the bedroom’s ambiance. To create a harmonious space, select a fabric colour that complements your existing bedroom palette. 

Neutral tones offer versatility and can adapt to various bedding and accent changes over time. For a bold statement, choose a fabric in a vibrant hue that contrasts with your walls and flooring. If you’re aiming for a serene retreat, consider soft, calming colours that promote relaxation. 

The fabric should also match the texture and quality of your other bedroom textiles to create a cohesive look. Here at Alaina Interior, we offer an array of fabrics to choose from and you can even get free samples to find the perfect fit for your space.

Other Features and Considerations: Headboards, Footboards, and Bedding Compatibility

When choosing your upholstered bed, the headboard is a major focal point. A tall, ornate headboard can serve as a dramatic centerpiece, while a lower, simpler one may fit better in a room with low ceilings or a minimalist design. 

Some headboards come with built-in shelves or lighting, adding functionality to their form. Similarly, footboards can range from decorative to functional, with some offering additional storage or seating.

It’s important to note that certain bed frames are better suited to particular types of bedding. For instance, a sleigh bed with a high footboard might not accommodate a duvet as easily as a platform bed would. Always consider how your preferred bedding will look and function with the bed frame you choose.

Take the time to assess these features and consider how they align with your practical needs and design preferences. A well-chosen upholstered bed is not just a piece of furniture – it’s the foundation of your personal sanctuary. 

As we wrap up this guide, remember that you can count on Alaina Interior for the best selection of bespoke upholstered beds. Here’s why… 

No Matter Which Style of Upholstered Bed You Choose, Customising a Bespoke Design is Easy at Alaina Interior!

Selecting and customising the perfect upholstered bed is easy at Alaina Interior. Our meticulously curated collection stands out for its premium craftsmanship, ensuring each bed is not just a purchase but a long-term investment in quality sleep and style. 

Our selection boasts an array of high-grade fabrics, from sumptuous velvets to resilient, easy-care linens, in a spectrum of colours to complement any bedroom palette. You can order up to five free samples to assess which looks best in your space.

Further tailoring your bed to your space is a breeze with our variety of sizes and configurations. Whether you’re looking for space-saving storage solutions like our Ottoman beds or the timeless elegance of a sleigh or wingback bed, we provide the options to realise your vision.

In addition to aesthetic flexibility, we prioritise ergonomic design. Our beds are crafted to support your posture, whether you’re indulging in a good book or drifting off to sleep. 

With Alaina Interior, you’re just a few clicks away from crafting a retreat that balances beauty, comfort, and functionality, making our selection the number one choice for discerning customers. Shop now and experience the difference firsthand!

Wrapping Up Our Guide to the Different Types of Upholstered Bed Frames

In exploring the world of upholstered bed styles, we’ve uncovered the versatility and charm of ottoman, divan, sleigh, wingback, canopy, and platform beds. 

Each of these types of upholstered bed frames offers unique benefits, from space-saving storage to luxurious comfort and aesthetic appeal. 

Remember, the right choice balances your personal taste, practical needs, and bedroom space. As you consider your options, envision the bed as the centerpiece of your sanctuary, a reflection of your style and comfort requirements.

Ready to transform your bedroom? Shop at Alaina Interior to find your perfect upholstered bed and customise it to your heart’s content!

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