Back Support Mattresses

The wrong mattress might give you back pain or make your lower back problems worse. A mattress that provides insufficient support will exacerbate bad sleeping habits, muscular aches, and improper spinal alignment. Together, these elements can result in chronic back discomfort.

If mattresses don't suit a person's sleeping preferences, sleeping comfort could also suffer. A mattress with back support and comfort reduces back discomfort by enabling the spine's structure to relax as you sleep.

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How do I choose the right mattress for me?

Given the wide choices on the market, selecting the best mattress can occasionally be challenging. The ideal mattress for you should ultimately be determined by personal preference. There isn't a mattress that works for everyone to relieve back discomfort. The mattress that enables you to sleep pain-free is the finest one for you.

Understanding the mattress's physical components is one element that is disregarded while choosing one. The coils or pocket springs in the mattress give the support, while the cushioning and fillings also help to provide that support. A decent mattress will support the spine's natural curves and alignment. Having enough support prevents muscular soreness. Alaina Interior has assembled a selection of mattresses with distinctive back support features.


Why do I get back pain?

Back discomfort is frequently brought on by:

  • Slouching and poor posture; a weak core from inactivity, arthritis, and osteoporosis.
  • We advise speaking with your GP to determine the root of your back issues.


Do Orthopaedic mattresses reduce back pain?

The majority of orthopaedic mattresses have a medium or greater firmness rating. In general, pressure is distributed throughout the mattress more evenly the firmer it is. Because the mattresses are firmer, roll-together is less likely to occur. Overall, the quality of your sleep will improve.

Back pain-friendly mattress alternatives include those with open coils and pocket springs. Mattresses with pocket springs limit motion transfer within the mattress, hence fostering supportive environments. A consistent sleeping surface is produced by open coil bonnel springs, which also release pressure where it is needed by your body. To ensure you have enough support and tranquilly, we advise making careful decisions while choosing the comfort layers and fillings.

Look through our selection of mattresses with back support to find the ideal mix for you.