Small Headboards

Whether it be an ottoman foundation or a divan base, you have finally made the commitment to buy your ideal bed base. Is there, however, anything further you need to put the final touches on?

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About Our Small Headboards

Choose one of our unique, handcrafted tiny headboards to give your bedroom life. Look no farther than Alaina Interior's unique selection of small headboards if you're doing a full renovation or simply updating your current base with a new headboard. The headboard is the focal point of your bedroom and offers several functional benefits. All of these activities will be significantly more relaxing with an Alaina Interior headboard, whether you choose to immerse yourself in your most recent read, eat breakfast in bed, or simply relax and watch TV. There is bound to be a colour and fabric combination that works for you among the wide range of styles we offer. All sizes of our headboards are offered for sale, including single, small double, double, king, and superking.


What are the benefits of a Small Headboard?

Although it's not essential to the design of your bed, a headboard is useful for a few reasons. The likelihood of wall damage or markings is decreased because there is a physical barrier between the mattress and the wall behind the bed. If you sleep directly against a wall, it often stains, especially if your bedroom is decorated in light, neutral colours. In instance, upholstered headboards, which provide additional support to make sitting up in bed more pleasant, effectively support the spine.


Additionally, headboards are particularly effective at keeping pillows and other bedding in place and minimising irritating falls down the back of the bed. More importantly, the headboard's cushioning support means that you are less likely to bump your head when getting in or out of bed. Our tiny headboards are the ideal decorative accent to enhance the design of your bedroom.


What Small Headboard sizes are available?

We provide single, super king, and all regular sizes in between in our small headboards. Children's and guest rooms work well with single headboards, but if something a little bit larger is required, a three-quarter tiny double would be a better choice.

A popular option that works well for average-sized bedrooms and larger guest rooms is a double size tiny headboard. King size and superking size headboards offer a striking backdrop to produce a stunning finish when constructing your master bedroom if there is ample space in the room.

Each small headboard has a height of 60 cm, and the width varies depending on the size you choose. Please get in touch if you need a custom size that is smaller or larger than the usual sizes so we can help you with your purchase.