We all enjoy relaxing with our feet up, so why not do it well with one of our exquisite footstools or pouffes. Add a modern stool or pouffe to go with your sofa or bed. They come in a variety of stylish designs and hues. You may be sure they’ll look amazing because many of these useful pieces of furniture were created and created by the same highly experienced artisans that make the Alaina Interior beds and sofas right here in the UK!



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About Our Pouffes & Footstools

Footstools are designed to be a substantial and opulent addition to your space. They work well as a seat, a footrest, or even as a replacement for coffee tables. Choose from our collection of fashionable alternatives with deep padding, elegant stitching, and the option of polished chrome feet or wooden legs to provide that traditional touch.

Pouffes provide colour and charm to your house while being functional and multipurpose. They can be used as seats or footstools. Because of their low weight and adaptability, they are simple to relocate from one room to another in your house. Find your ideal fit by exploring the Alaina Interior collection!

What distinguishes a footstool from a pouffe?

The obvious distinction is that a pouffe typically has a round or cubic shape laying neatly on the floor, whereas a footstool typically sits on feet and has straight line designs. A footstool radiates elegance and sophistication whereas a pouffe is whimsical and cushioned and upholstered.

Their versatility is one of the amazing things about each of them. It is incredibly pleasant to sit on thanks to the padding and upholstery, which is especially helpful when you need a few additional chairs for guests.